“ART & SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT” International Conference – Vilnius, LT.

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I will be one of the keynote speakers for “Art and Social Engagement: Challenges and Opportunities” International Conference, Oct 26th and 27th 2017, at  Vilnius City Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania.

The conference  will bring together researchers, academics, artists, social workers and policymakers to discuss on the role of art in the way of social change. It aims to encourage debate around various forms and methods of applied art in the context of contemporary social, political, environmental, technological and
economic challenges. The conference will focus on the aesthetics, politics and history of applied art
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“ENGAGE”: Public School for Social Engagement in Artistic Research – Milan, IT.

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I am one of the selected artists for “ENGAGE”: Artistic and Social Research Residency, curated by Viafarini DOCVA Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, at Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, Italy, from Oct 11th to Oct 20th 2017.

ENGAGE is a training and research program, curated by Viafarini in collaboration with Sunugal, addressed to Italian and international artists, inviting them to spend a period of one week residency / workshop in Milan between 11 – 20 October 2017, in dialog with local social and creative mediators, aiming at researching and experimenting innovative ways of interaction between art practices and social sphere. The Public School will gather in Milan 20 artists whose practice implies interaction with local communities; research on contemporary collective imaginaries; analysis of the implications of great changes under way from an artistic as well as social, political and anthropological point of view. The selection took into account the ability of the artists to foster, through their practices, communication between diverse fields of knowledge: from science to religion, from economy to politics, so as to overstep the self-reference of art-based discourse, aiming towards the creation of alternative models of public action. During the School we will collectively discuss in depth strategies capable of making visible and intervening in issue linked to transcultural dialogue and social and urban exclusion and vulnerability such as: gender oppression; racism and xenophobia; discrimination and oppression based on religious belonging.

“PPSA”: Performance Philosophy School of Athens, 2nd International Symposium – Athens, GR.

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Happy to being part of the 2nd International Symposium of Performance Philosophy, Sept 23rd and 24th 2017, at EMST – National museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece. I’ll be presenting my latest research project and leading a public workshop on “The Poetics of Embodiment”.

“USTRUCTURE”: Collective Exhibition – Gjilan, Kosovo.

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I’ll be part of “USTRUCTURE” : Contemporary Art Exhibition, supported by the National Ministry of Culture, and taking place at the Theater of the City, from 24th to 28th June 2017, in Gjilan, Kosovo.

Theme for this initiative is Inclusiveness. The letter “U” in ‘’Ustructure’’ stands for “YOU”, which addresses the artist, the structure of his/her artwork, and the structure of his/her personality. The selected artworks will be arranged within the exhibiting space of the theater, which precisely takes the architectural shape of the letter ‘’U’’.

“OVERFLOW”, PSI#23: Performance Studies International Conference – Hamburg, DE”

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I’ll be a speaker and a participant of “OVERFLOW” Conference, organized by Performance Studies International and Universitat Hamburg. At Theater der Welt (“Theater of the World”), from 8th to 11th of June 2017.


400 artists and scholars will get together to present their work on the theme of overflow in performance. OverFlow focuses on abundance, transgression, and leakage instead of the usually evoked themes of lack, restriction, and loss. The idea of “flow”, of being fully immersed in the activity at hand, has gained prominence in the theories of subjectivity and collectivity, but also in the self-help industry as the pathway to happiness, wellness and a good life. OverFlow invites contributions by both scholars and artists that critically engage with “flow” and/or deal with the various facets of OverFlow in performative practices, aesthetic phenomena, and performance art. This also includes performance studies perspectives from different artistic and academic fields (in the humanities and social sciences) on the political, ethical, and social dimensions of overflow, spillage, and abundance.

“27METRICUBI”: Public Art Residency in Granary Square – London, UK.

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I’ll be part of “27MetriCubi”: Public Art Residency, gathering a collective of multidiscipinary artists investigating on the Sense of Home, Belonging, and Migration. Every day from April 24th to May 3rd. In Granary Square, Kings Cross, London. Every day from 2.30 to 6 pm, I will be running my practice called “MAKE HOME: See. Touch. Smell. Listen. Move. Feel. Repeat.”

“Home” is the sense of belonging we give to a place. The process that creates this sense is fluid, renewable, and, most of all, multipliable. Home can be the place we are born in, together with all the places we go to reside or migrate to. Home is the sense of intimacy made by the repetition of everyday experiences in a space, whether private or public. “Make Home” removes this censorship, in order to let our body come back to a state of innocence and wonder. This is a site-specific practice which sets the body ‘out of place’, as an act of subversion and suspension from ordinary orientations, positions, and pathways, so as to disrupt the standardized practices through which reality is produced and consumed. The body is free to explore all stimuli available in Granary Square. It is free to experience alternative and new pathways throughout the square, adhering and resisting to natural and artificial elements, shapes, and structures of the square. During this practice we shall pay attention to all our responses – to our sensations, movements, feelings, and meanings arising, as these are all information that we embody, and through which we become one with the environment.