To heal is to awaken the universal intelligence innately embodied in us.

To heal is to restore the consciousness of our original nature of being. I have presented this consciousness in the “About” session of this website. The original meaning of health comes from the proto-germanic ‘hailitho’, which means: whole, being whole. The paradigm of embodiment overcomes the dualistic and binary paradigm that divides the human being in parts, and separates the mind from the body, and the body from the soul. Health emerges as a harmonic and indivisible coherency of all dimensions of our being.

Both scientific and spiritual sciences acknowledge the indeterminate and infinite state of our being. We are a boundless physical and energetic field: a continuum of particle-waves and matter-forces together with the environmental field of the World and Universe. From being this indeterminate and potential field of manifestation, we become our body, by binding our responsiveness with environmental stimuli that we select and detect. This reveals that our primary living condition is: being-in-relation. Our process of embodiment is the process of becoming a weave of world-self relations: an interaction between the environmental field and our body-field, which arranges our matter and energy into a whole spatial, physical, energetic, and informational pattern of life. All life-events that we experience are origins of our becoming. Each life-event ties a knot of perceptions between our self and the world, and makes sense of both. Knot after knot, a whole texture of information gradually takes shape and weaves a sense-made flesh, a body made of sensations, perceptions, feelings, and meanings.

The origin of our health lies within the sense that we embody, within the information that our body becomes through our stimuli-response relations. Our body is a living story to be read and unravelled: a story of the Universe, written into the patterns of our responsiveness.

The weaving of our embodiment entails the process of unravelling it. Polarity and complementarity of these two processes follow the laws of Universal Harmony, and create the experience of both wholeness and infinity of being. To heal is to complete a cycle of consciousness: through unravelling and remaking sense of our life, we enter an alchemic transmutation of both our matter and energy. We tune into our underlying and energetic flow of being; we return to our boundless original nature, where we feel our continuum with the Universe, which removes the illusionary line between inner and outer. In this way, we become conscious of our unconditional belonging to universal wholeness, which no one or nothing can take away from us. We reprocess our embodiment, by unravelling our embodied memory, and loosening those knots that were origins of perceptions of loss, rejection, or damage. We return to our existential indeterminacy and potentiality of being, and we continue on, by transiting from this indeterminacy back into our creation. We weave anew our relations with the world, whilst being conscious of our free choice of responsiveness and power of regeneration. By embodying this journey, we experience a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth of our self and all others in relation with us.

Our embodiment is left an open womb by nature. Into the depths of our body, a self-birth is always waiting to return anew. Apart from the great venture of nature, through which we can give birth to another human life, there isn’t such a venture so great and so arduous, a venture that must be honoured so much, as giving birth to ourselves.

Integrated Methods of Embodimenta Healing Arts:


Quantum Embodiment is my vision of what the body is and does; it is the approach through which I guide a healing process. The awareness of our quantic nature allows the unravelling and reweaving of the body, by addressing the spatial-biological-vibrational-emotional-motor-cognitive plasticity of our becoming.

Our body is a matter-force made of particle-waves; it is a physical and energetic field of receptivity and responsiveness. Our embodiment occurs as a circuitry: it is a circular process of information, which begins with the reception and detection of environmental stimuli. Through our sensitivity and responsiveness, this incoming stimulation turns into sensations and feelings, and these continue on, turning into perceptions of the world, which we transmit back out into the environment. In this way, our self, and all other beings we connect with, enter existence as a result of this stimuli-response circuitry. The variety of ways in which stimuli are felt, as accepted or rejected, avoided or desired, et cetera, determines how information is processed, and what dawns on our perception as reality.


I apply Chi Nei Tsang therapy, in order to support the unravelling and reweaving of quantum embodiment. Chi Nei Tsang means: transforming the energy of internal organs. It is an ancient Taoist chinese practice, developed thousands of years ago by Taoist monks, in order to restore and maintain the efficiency of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. “Chi” is the vital life-force that we receive, share, and reverberate, along with all other beings present in the World and Universe. Our body is a biological and electromagnetic field charged with Chi, a universal source of energy, which nurtures and renders us a connecting force with the environment. This practice addresses the wisdom of the Tao. The aim of this eastern philosophy is to experience the infinity and unity of being, by living in continuity and in balance with everything. The Tao addresses the embodiment of a Universal Harmony and universal laws of polarity and complementarity between forces. In order to access the depths of our embodiment, Taoist medicine has mapped an energetic and emotional anatomy of the body, a system of coherency between human microcosm and universal macrocosm. This knowledge is framed within Taoist shamanism, which identifies within our body the presence of nature’s elements and seasons, of different planetary forces of the Solar system, of stellar and cosmic forces.


Matter is motion. To heal our embodiment requires us to understand how the matter-force of our body gets shaped through space and kinetics. In my healing bodywork I apply the sciences of Space Harmony and Choreutics, mastered by Rudolf Laban, and further developed by Irmgard Bartenieff.

Space Harmony maps a system of Universal Harmony: a universal natural intelligence, that rules the order through which the architecture of all creation is physically patterned and bound together. This science studies the harmonic laws of polarity and complementarity, consistently present in the shaping of space and motion, and necessary to compose three-dimensional forms. All patterns within the nature’s design, from microscopic to macroscopic, manifest the existence of this order as a harmonic and sacred geometry at a universal level. This spatial and kinetic intelligence is innately embodied in us. Our human body shares with nature the harmony of patterns that both our cells and body actions recreate, whilst responding to the World.