“27METRICUBI”: Public Art Residency in Granary Square – London, UK.

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I’ll be part of “27MetriCubi”: Public Art Residency, gathering a collective of multidiscipinary artists investigating on the Sense of Home, Belonging, and Migration. Every day from April 24th to May 3rd. In Granary Square, Kings Cross, London. Every day from 2.30 to 6 pm, I will be running my practice called “MAKE HOME: See. Touch. Smell. Listen. Move. Feel. Repeat.”

“Home” is the sense of belonging we give to a place. The process that creates this sense is fluid, renewable, and, most of all, multipliable. Home can be the place we are born in, together with all the places we go to reside or migrate to. Home is the sense of intimacy made by the repetition of everyday experiences in a space, whether private or public. “Make Home” removes this censorship, in order to let our body come back to a state of innocence and wonder. This is a site-specific practice which sets the body ‘out of place’, as an act of subversion and suspension from ordinary orientations, positions, and pathways, so as to disrupt the standardized practices through which reality is produced and consumed. The body is free to explore all stimuli available in Granary Square. It is free to experience alternative and new pathways throughout the square, adhering and resisting to natural and artificial elements, shapes, and structures of the square. During this practice we shall pay attention to all our responses – to our sensations, movements, feelings, and meanings arising, as these are all information that we embody, and through which we become one with the environment.

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