“OVERFLOW”, PSI#23: Performance Studies International Conference – Hamburg, DE”

I’ll be a speaker and a participant of “OVERFLOW” Conference, organized by Performance Studies International and Universitat Hamburg. At Theater der Welt (“Theater of the World”), from 8th to 11th of June 2017.


400 artists and scholars will get together to present their work on the theme of overflow in performance. OverFlow focuses on abundance, transgression, and leakage instead of the usually evoked themes of lack, restriction, and loss. The idea of “flow”, of being fully immersed in the activity at hand, has gained prominence in the theories of subjectivity and collectivity, but also in the self-help industry as the pathway to happiness, wellness and a good life. OverFlow invites contributions by both scholars and artists that critically engage with “flow” and/or deal with the various facets of OverFlow in performative practices, aesthetic phenomena, and performance art. This also includes performance studies perspectives from different artistic and academic fields (in the humanities and social sciences) on the political, ethical, and social dimensions of overflow, spillage, and abundance.

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