“URBAN EMPTINESS” Festival – Nicosia, CY

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I’ll be performing “You Are My Skin, Nicosia”, a site-specific outdoor performance, at Dance House, as part of “Urban Emptiness” Festival of Nicosia, Cyprus. From Dec 1st to Dec 8th 2017.

Urban Emptiness Nicosia is an artistic laboratory over 10 days in the city fabric of Nicosia, with artists from the US, Puerto Rico, Japan, Mexico, Belgium, UK, Holland, Catalonia/Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Cyprus.

The Festival, happening between 1-10 December 2017, explores the interconnection among walking and new media in digital and physical spaces.

The aim of the project is to generate collective experiences and documentation of the diverse processes within the urban landscapes contributing to the dialogues and practices of the Urban Emptiness Network, investigating silence and emptiness in contemporary cities, through parallel and simultaneous actions in New York, Brussels, Athens and in Edinburgh.

Collaborative creation and decision-making, open dialogues of the experiences, and documentation of the process are crucial for it prompts critical thinking about aesthetic experiences in relation to our everyday life.

By generating transversal dialogical encounters with participants we root the aesthetic practice on relationships-relations; among each other and with the space we transit and inhabit as an ever changing dynamic.

Focusing on emptiness-silences-sounds-spaces-movements, this Festival consists of artistic practice and research based outcomes relating to an interdisciplinary approach to the relationships between body and movements, sounds and silences, digital and physical spaces.

Special attention will be placed on the exploration of the city of Nicosia which draws our attention to people’s everyday actions and negotiations of city spaces revealing the potentiality of space with walking explorations and performances.

Outcomes for the audio-visual part of the project are an exhibition of video, digital mapping and walking related indoor installations, documented walks through Nicosia, simultaneously happening in other cities, together with workshops, presentations of work in progress by art students of New York, Brussels and Athens and a round table.

Urban Emptiness Nicosia organizers are the Urban Emptiness Network, CSCA Lab at the European University of Cyprus and Dance Gate Lefkosia.
Curators: Geert Vermeire and Sophia Hadjipapa-Gee in collaboration with Arianna Economou.

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