The Future of Being

We are born, so to speak, provisionally,
it doesn’t matter where.
It is only gradually that we compose, within ourselves,
our true place of origin,
so that we may be born there retrospectively,
and each day more definitely.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Apart from the great venture of nature, through which we can give birth to another human life, there isn’t a venture so great and so arduous, a venture that must be honoured so much, as giving birth to ourselves. All of us, men and women, are left an open womb by nature, aware of containing our own birth, and pregnant with the possibilities of being. The feminine is an innate potency and evolutionary human resource for regenerating life, which, as much as the masculine, is inherent within each human being, regardless of sex and gender.

Genesis is an icon that symbolizes the launch of this new humanity, aware of its original nature of being. It draws on sacred iconography, applying religious syncretism, from west to east. It is a symbol of ancestral and contemporary sacredness, a symbol of the receptive and regenerative potency of humanity and of nature, which shares with us the power of life. It is the icon of times when we return to ourselves, as the site and the moment for a possible rebirthing of the World. Genesis is ultimately a call for the arts and sciences to turn misery, decay, and criticism of our times into a human “potencism”: a generative vision and challenge that values human potential and liberates a thriving revolution and evolution of this potential.

Do not complain. Gestate and recreate.

Photographic Project, 2014.